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TubeLab SE #2

UPS dropped off a little present today from Front Panel Express…


On the top panel I made all the mounting holes blind holes on the reverse, except for the transformers – I wanted as clean a look as possible.  The recessed cavities under the transformer locations are for grommets, and the ones on the three tube sockets are for clearance.


The power switch will go on the front.  Again, as clean and simple as possible.


For the back panel I recessed the speaker binding posts for a good fit.  The RCA nuts can barely be threaded on – next time I’ll recess those a bit as well.


I mounted all the components on the top panel to make sure everything fit – thankfully, everything did.  The blue choke and capacitor I’ll paint black to match the other transformers.  The top and front switch panel will be polished to a mirror finish.  The back panel I’ll leave as-is.


The four holes in the top panel by the driver tubes are for access to the adjustment pots on the board.  These will be covered with nickel plated hole plugs.


IMG_1913 IMG_1912IMG_1914